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Dutch Digital Design

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SXSW: 'The Future of Experiences' presented by Dutch agencies

SXSW event: The Future of Experiences


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Open source design: helping solitary bees, and our planet
Bee Home

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Together with SPACE10 - IKEA's research and design lab - and designer Tanita Klein, Dutch technology driven design studio Bakken & Bæck created Bee Home - a digital platform that makes it easy to create a sophisticated sanctuary for one of the most vital living species on our planet: solitary bees. Bees that don’t produce wax or honey, but simply act as pollinators.

The agency shows how democratic - open source - design can help re-balance our relationship with the planet. By offering a digital platform that allows anyone, anywhere, to design, customise and download their own Bee Home. The website guides you through the process: choosing the height, number of floors, and how you would like the Bee Home to be positioned. The site then generates the design plans and printable instructions. Next you will need to find a local 'makerspace' by entering your location on the website - to make your actual Bee Home.

Bakken & Bæck also created a playful visual identity that brings the Bee Home concept alive, and the Bee Home community together, digitally and physically.

A great balance between fun, fresh design and a DIY feel. It cleverly shows how open source design can be an empowering force.


  • > 150 features/articles internationally
  • > 30,000 open source files downloaded
  • > 1,200 Bee Homes have been registered by the community across the globe, including Austria, France, Japan, Hungary and many other countries