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Looking at audiovisual archives: understanding AI technology

Through Artificial Eyes


An NFT digital fashion auction for a meaningful cause



Immerse yourself digitally in the ancient empire of Persia

Persepolis Reimagined


Understanding your feelings and emotions with the help of emojis

feelee app


A sustainable, serverless website for a great cause

The Ocean Cleanup


Reflecting our need for continuous online interaction

Touch for Luck


Turning data into meaningful and compelling stories

Unicef's Changing Childhood project


A new way of walking: immerse yourself virtually in fab shoes

Manolo Blahnik Archives


Sharing positivity: a digital view on a more sustainable world

Slowness: Encyclopedia of the Farm


Digitally commemorating climbing Mount Everest

First Ascent


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Meet our heads of curation: sharing impactful digital design

Dutch Digital Design Heads of Curation

Dutch Digital Design

Partner in the Spotlight: Rōnin, designed different from the start

Partner in the Spotlight: Rōnin


Partner in the Spotlight: IN10’s DNA = positive change

Partner in the Spotlight: IN10


Partner in the Spotlight: International ambitions - with Verve

Partner in the Spotlight: Verve


Partner in the Spotlight: diverse and inclusive with Bravoure

Partner in the Spotlight: Bravoure


Partner in the Spotlight: the Adventure Club culture

Partner in the Spotlight: Adventure Club


World Earth Day 2022: ecological artist Thijs Biersteker

World Earth Day 2022: Thijs Biersteker - ecological artist


SXSW: 'The Future of Experiences' presented by Dutch agencies

SXSW event: The Future of Experiences


Partner in the Spotlight: Resoluut creates New Emotions

Partner in the Spotlight: Resoluut


Nicole Pickett-Groen: European Design Awards jury member

Nicole Pickett-Groen: European Design Awards jury member


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Announcing the
celebration of the finest design in motion
DEMO Festival

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There is a brand-new festival in town: Design in Motion (DEMO). Celebrating the coolest motion design. From the finest studios, designers, up-and-coming talents and art academies, from all over the world. Founded by Dutch design agency Studio Dumbar and Exterion Media, out-of-home advertising specialist.

7th November 2019. 80 digital screens. 24 hours. On every platform and in every hall in Amsterdam Central station. Displaying a programme that changes every hour. To announce all of this amazing work Studio Dumbar created a website giving us a sneak preview of what to expect: the finest design in motion. In all its glory.

Really awesome! An incredible example of how to create noise, and put yourself out there as a new generation agency.


  • Site of the Day at Awwwards
  • > 250,000 'spectators' during one day only
  • >10,000 followers on Instagram