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How to launch a bike
during the Corona lockdown
VanMoof live online launch event

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VanMoof, the revolutionary Dutch e-bike manufacturer, was insisting on launching their latest e-bike during the coronavirus crisis - especially as people were keen to keep cycling during the lockdown. But how do you introduce a new bike when people can't actually come and look at the bike, test-ride or experience it for real?

Dutch digital experience design studio Resn had the solution: a virtual, interactive live event - with video, audio, interactive 3D and a live audience. Not a replica of an ordinary, real-life event, but something special and innovative, just like the bike.

Resn created a 40-minute live online event where all virtual visitors were invited to introduce themselves and chat prior to the actual launch. Followed by an introduction by the two VanMoof founders - Taco and Ties Carlier - and the actual unveiling of the bike. All high-tech gadgets were introduced, and the audience could respond immediately at the click of a button, and share their opinion with the other virtual visitors. The event ended with a live Q&A session with the founders - making this online event even more special: how often can such a wide audience interact and react during an actual product launch, and have a chat with the makers.

Digital technology made it possible to introduce a new product to a wider audience - during lockdown, a time of social distancing. An event that in ordinary times would have been invite-only: press and influencers.

Incredibly creative solution, enabling a product launch during the Corona virus lockdown. Connecting people in a time of (social) distancing.


  • > 6,000 live viewers
  • > 2,000 live questions
  • > 4,400 bikes ordered within 24 hours
  • Sales are up 20%
  • Product is selling twice as fast compared to any previous launch